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Airboat Rides – The Ultimate and Fun Family Vacation

Airboat Rides
Family enjoying Airboat rides in West Palm beach

Plan your Airboat Rides Ahead of Time

Airboat Rides in Florida one of the top attractions, however, it is important to plan ahead of time. Time of year and weather conditions should be a factor when booking an airboat tour in the Everglades. A majority of the activities in Florida are best enjoyed during the cooler months of spring, fall, and winter that start from October and last until July. An airboat ride can be fun at any time because of the beautiful backdrop of the river of grass. However deeper water and warm temperatures make it sometimes difficult to spot alligators in warmer weather during the heat of the day they may stay submerged more often.

A lot of the attractions of Florida can be found in South Florida around the West Palm Beach area. Some of the activities this area offers are airboat tours in the Everglades, and fishing trips in both freshwater and saltwater. And we cannot forget the world-class golf courses in Palm Beach.

Airboat Rides – What to Expect

The best way to experience the Florida Everglades is by taking an airboat ride in West Palm Beach. Airboat tours are one of the top attractions for tourists and are fun for adults but also for children.  The ride gives you the opportunity to get up close with the abundant wildlife and vegetation the area has to offer while gliding through the waters in the comfort of an airboat. Everglades tours in West Palm Beach allow you to witness some of the best flora and fauna in South Florida.

Let’s not forget the animals of the Everglades! You have most likely heard about the alligators and crocodiles of the Everglades. However, did you know the Everglades is one of the rare places on earth where you can see them in their natural environment? There are many other creatures too. Native bird species, reptiles, fish, mammals, and insects… the list goes on. You are never guaranteed to come across any specific species, but we will do our best to make that happen. Our captains know of all the best spots where those animals like to hang out. We will always increase your chances to witness some of Florida’s unique and fascinating creatures.

Airboats are the best

You might be wondering why airboats are so popular in Florida. The reason is very simple: they are the best way to transport you across the Everglades. The marshlands and swamps often have shallow levels of water, with a lot of vegetation. Traditional boats often have ussies navigating across such terrain.

Airboats on the other side are literally designed for navigating places like the Everglades. Unlike traditional boats, airboats actually glide above the water level. Their engine uses a big propeller to push the air. This means airboats can go over shallow waters, and can even glide over terrain without water. This means a lot of mobility, and high speeds too.

Another aspect that makes airboats so great is that because they glide over the water, they hardly disturb the ecosystem. While other boat engines can destroy plants and even kill certain animals, airboats will simply glide over them. This eco-friendly method of transportation is essential as it helps to keep the Everglades in good condition. We don’t want to disturb plant life and animal life. Airboats allow us to offer you a great method of eco-tourism.

West Palm Beach

The area offers up to 350 species of wildlife that include the famous American alligators. A number of Everglades birds as well as abundant plant life. South Florida also has countless options for hotels and rentals. A little bit of research online will ensure you get the best accommodations in Palm Beach. The P.G.A. Resorts’ number one attraction is Airboat Rides West Palm Beach. The West Palm Beach airboat tours are one of the best ways to witness some parts of the magnificent Everglades spread across 1.5 million acres. They are perfect for everyone; from families and couples to corporate teams. 

Why not book your ride today? You have the opportunity to discover Florida’s best nature reserve, with the best and most professional guides in the area. Contact us today for your Private airboat ride in the Florida Everglades. Ask any question you may have. We will o give you all the information you need so you can prepare for the ride of a lifetime!

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