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What To Take With You

Airboat tours in West Palm Beach are the ideal way to witness the real wildlife of Florida. What is even better is having an entirely enjoyable experience, which means preparing well for your boat journey. From the best clothing to wear to the simple items you can take along, this guide is there to let you know how you can best prepare for your airboat rides West Palm Beach trip. Don’t worry; it’s pretty easy and straight-forward; you’ll be ready in no time.

Comfortable & Practical Clothing 

  • The first thing is you don’t need to take expensive clothes or jewelry for your Airboat trip. We recommend that you bring comfortable items to you and practical for a little excursion in the wild. 
  • Since the Florida weather is often hot, you can take something as simple as some shorts, a t-shirt & some light shoes such as sneakers, flip-flops, and sandals. Those will do fine for most summer days.
  • You will be better off bringing some jeans / long-sleeve top and sneakers, along with a windbreaker for fall and winter. Airboat trips are windy, so it is best to be protected if you think there is too much wind.
  • A poncho is a great item to bring all year round, especially if the skies show signs of rain, or if the weather services promise some rainy weather ahead. You won’t feel bad bringing your poncho even if you don’t need to use it.

Environmental Protection

  • You will also need to stay protected from Florida’s sun. You can not only protect your eyes with some sunglasses but wearing those will also allow you to see more during your airboat ride. Polarized sunglasses are particularly appropriate as they remove glare, which will noticeably increase visibility during your trip.
  • Another aspect of your body that needs to be kept safe from the sun is your skin. The best thing to bring with you is your sunscreen. Keep yourself at bay from sunburns, and don’t let the sun show its wrong side. Make it an enjoyable day in the sun, without the worry of feeling bad later when the sunburn shows its nasty head.
  • Let’s not forget insects, don’t make it easier for them to bother you. Bring your bug spray along with you to reduce interference from these small but essential creatures. Avoid getting bitten or having too many of them flying around you. Bug spray is always a good idea; bringing some along never ends up being a mistake.

Airboat Tours Essentials

  • An easy thing to do is also easy to forget: that is bringing liquids. Our airboats come with a cooler and some bottled water, but you can bring along your preferred soda drink. Airboat tours around Florida are thirsty work, and you will be most pleased to have taken the right amount of liquids with you.
  • Also, don’t forget to bring some small snacks with you. You might need the extra energy, as all that fresh wind from the boat ride can be a real appetite opener. You don’t need to take too much with you, just anything easy to eat on the spot. Remember, the food is for you, not for the animals of the Everglades! They have enough of it in their natural habitat.

Airboat Tours Extras

  • Visiting the Everglades is a day to remember, so don’t forget to take your camera or your phone with you. You will most definitely want to snap a few pics of your adventure. Whether those pics are for you to keep or share online, a camera is a must-bring on your airboat tour.
  • Another item that people can forget to take with them is quite a simple one: a pair of binoculars. You might not think it is essential, but we recommend taking some, especially if you have them lying around. Seeing beyond the natural field of vision can give you a greater chance at spotting that wild animal that only a few people have ever seen!

This preparation guide is not extensive, and it shows that it doesn’t take too much to get ready for your airboat ride. Just ensure to bring those essentials, and you will have a great time. Don’t forget, if you have any questions about any of this, ask our Captain when you are booking. Captain Wayne Jr will put your mind at rest and let you know anything you need to know.